Welcome to the Old Farmhouse „U Matoušů“ in Plzeň – Bolevec! Come and discover tradition, values and roots of old farmer families right in the middle of Pilsen panel housing estate.


The Old Farmhouse „U Matoušů“ in Plzeň-Bolevec is one of the NPU´s most significant monuments which is intended to be open to public.  It is an excellent example of the development of rural folk architecture in Pilsen region between the 18th and the 20th century. Its residential building, granary and barn are planned to house exhibition and live presentation which should be directly connected to both the Old Farmhouse and the Bolevec village square. The farmhouse administration will be located in the newest of all the objects – the operating barn (in the part originally designed for carriage passage). The cowsheds are going to be turned into multipurpose rooms (used for exhibitions, lectures, presentations etc.) and the site´s back office (toilets, office, archive). A new entry to the fruit garden was built at the end of 2015 from the direction of Bolevec square and the small operating barn.



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